Please note that the Eric Norton Photography Cost Sharing Program is not available for real estate photography. For a complete price list for our real estate photography services, please visit the Real Estate Photography Pricing page.

Orange County Architecture Photography Newport Beach City Hall
San Diego Interior Design Photography Rancho Valencia Inn

At Eric Norton Photography, I understand that the price of commercial architecture or interior design photography can be expensive. That’s why I’ve started a unique cost sharing program that allows multiple clients who have contributed to the design and construction of the space to maximize their architectural photography budget.

What does this mean for you? The old way of doing things was to bill each and every client for a photoshoot. That meant that even if an architect, an electrician, a flooring company, and a general contractor all wanted shots of the same space, an architectural photographer would bill them individually at the same rate.

However, I like to approach problems in a creative way. As a result, I can provide you with substantial savings by allowing multiple parties to share the cost of a photoshoot. If you schedule a photoshoot of a space that you have designed, I can help you coordinate with all of the other parties who contributed to the building and design of that space to create a list of shots that to meet everyone’s needs.

Here’s how it works. Say you are an architect, and you want to hire me to shoot your newest concert hall. We help you get in contact with other parties that were involved in the project, asking if they need additional photographs. Once we have all of the parties on board, we calculate the number and type of shots we’ll need and quote a price which includes my typical day rate, any additional costs and expenses that I’ll need to incur, and necessary additional post-production or licensing fees. From there, I adjust that fee based on how many additional partners are involved in the photoshoot and then divide that cost among all of the interested parties, resulting in significant savings for you and everyone else involved.

Orange County Architecture Photography Soka University Performing Arts
Orange County Architecture Photography Soka University Founders Hall

Types of Clients that Can Benefit from the Cost Sharing Program

Interior Designers
Product Designers & Manufacturers

Construction Companies
Landlords & Tenants (Commercial)
Property Owners

Contractors & Sub-Contractors
Furniture Designers
Landscape Architects

The Fine Print

To participate in the Eric Norton Photography Cost Sharing Program, all parties must be included in the cost sharing agreement before the scheduled production date. Each client who is participating in the cost sharing agreement will receive a license for at least perpetual internal collateral, external collateral, and web usage. Third-party usage is not granted to any additional parties if those parties were not part of the initial cost sharing agreement. If any additional parties wish to use the photographs after production has begun, those parties must negotiate licensing directly and exclusively with Eric Norton Photography.