Orange County Real Estate Photographer Architectural Photographer Eric Norton

As you probably already guessed, my name is Eric. I specialize in architecture, interior design, commercial, hospitality, landscape architecture, and real estate photography. If someone built it, I can shoot it. You can fine me in Orange County, but I am available to photograph your building, design, structure, or listing throughout California. the United States, and the world.

So, a little about me. I started photography as a fun and creative outlet from my grueling college major. Back in the early 2000’s, I was attending UCLA for a genetics degree. Whenever I could take a break from amplifying DNA or dissecting mice—in the name of science, mind you—I’d walk the streets of LA exploring the local architecture with camera in hand.

After working for a few years following graduation, I was off to the Chapman University School of Law. Graduated from there with honors and started my own law firm specializing on the needs of creatives and startups with a focus on business, trademark, and copyright law. Several years into practicing law, I realized the practice of law is spectacular at destroying creativity and decided enough was enough. Now I finally have the opportunity to pursue a long-time passion of mine.

When I’m not photographing the built world, I enjoy spending time with my wonderful wife, cooking—and baking—up a storm in the kitchen, playing nerdy  games with my friends, heading out of town on road trips, and building the  occasional Lego.


Let’s talk lighting. Lighting is the core of what makes a photo great. Unfortunately, even modern cameras cannot capture the full range of light our eyes can see. To compensate, I combine the best aspects of natural and artificial light to make an image that pops but still maintains the necessary aura of realism. Some images require a single, creatively placed light. Others involve manipulating multiple exposures, several strobes, and dozens of images to bring out the most in the subject. Regardless, my techniques involve an incredible attention to detail both at the time of the photography session and during post-processing.


If you book me for your next project, expect a casual, friendly environment while I’m busy photographing. While I may have dabbled in stuffy careers like business law and research science, you would never guess it from my fun-loving demeanor and persistent smile. Although I am a consummate professional when it comes to meeting client expectations, arriving early, and fulfilling my obligations, I keep the environment comfortable. There may be music and there may be food (if we are photographing all day).


Interior Designers
Home Stagers
Landscape Architects
Real Estate Agents

Structural Engineers
Contractors & Builders

Commercial Landlords & Tenants
Historic Preservation Groups
Furniture Designers
Furniture & Home Retailers
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Aerial Photography
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Commercial Buildings
Commercial Real Estate

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