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As an architect, landscape architect, or interior designer, you have carefully crafted your architectural, landscape, or interior designs to meet your clients’ needs and stand the test of time. If you are interested in not just documenting, but highlighting the best features of your designs, you owe it to yourself to make sure the images in your portfolio are as timeless as your professional work. That’s where Eric Norton Photography comes in—I provide architects, landscape architects, and interior designers with the images they need to build marketing materials and solid portfolio that showcases not only the functional aspects of your work, but the beauty of the forms, textures, mood, and materials incorporated into the design you dedicated yourself to perfecting.


To be perfectly clear, I am a perfectionist. At times, it can border on the obsessive. What that means for you is that I am dedicated to providing you with immaculate images. I photograph in a timeless style that you can use to showcase your work for years to come—sometimes beyond the life of the design itself. These are images perfected for marketing your business, entering your work into competitions and publications, and impressing new clients with your stunning portfolio.


I employ several critical techniques in my architectural & interior design photography to produce images of a variety of styles tailored specifically for the needs of my clients. From natural looking shots that rely on the use of natural light and a few carefully placed strobes that make a property look casually elegant to images that are highly post-processed to give the space a Las Vegas flashiness, and everything in between, I work with you to develop a look that fits with your brand and highlights the best features of the space.

Prior to the photography session (either on the day of or the day before), we will do a walkthrough of the space discussing the features that are the most important for you to show off. From there, I set up a tethered workstation to show your the images as I take them so we can make corrections and adjustments in real time to produce images that perfectly meet your needs.

After the photography session, all of my images are given a thorough post-production editing to remove any imperfections and erase those pesky features that are required by law (but not necessarily dictated by good design sensibilities).


Each photography project is a completely unique endeavor and no two jobs are the same. As a result, each quote is customized to your needs to fit within your specific time constraints and budget. No matter how small the job is, though, I pride myself on delivering images of the highest quality. Regardless of whether you just need a few images or a few dozen, please do not hesitate to reach out to me for a quote.